Whether you're pre-leasing or trying to fill vacancies, RentPost has a suite of tools to help keep you on top of your game.

Collect rental applications from prospective tenants

Define applicant requirements for submission.

Customizable fields make sure you collect all the data you need to make the best decisions during the screening process.

Require applicants to upload specific documents.

Automatically get a tenant screening report with each application.

Collect a lease application fee online payment.

Add extra peace of mind with tenant screening reports

Available in Premium or Basic, screening reports are provided in partership with Transunion, and all include a credit check with an industry optimized Resident Score, background check, sex offender status, terrorist watchlist and more.

Use a fully customizable workflow for progressing applicants through the screening process

Setup custom statuses for applications that fit your company’s workflowp

Choose the status new applications are submitted into, then add all the other steps you will progress that application through, until a lease is signed.

See all of the applicants and occupants grouped together for a complete picture

With applications grouped by status, and on-the-fly filtering for results, sorting, etc - you'll be able to take control of your prospect pipeline and leases faster.

Assign applicants to specific team members

If you have multiple managers working your prospect pipeline, assign applications to whomever is working that lease - assign ownership and ensure applications aren't ignored.

Organize all internal conversations and records on prospects

Keep all your records organized: internal notes, prospect data, screening reports, documents, and more. Stay compliant with Fair Housing laws.

Store documents with each prospect or application

In addition to screening reports, attach and store any other documentation provided by tenants - whether that's proof of income, employment verification, pet documentation, or whatever you require for leasing.

Convert prospective tenants into tenants and move in the unit when completing the lease

After you've approved applicants for a lease and completed the lease signing process, you can then move-in those applicants, converting the prospect into a tenant - maintaining all prospect records in the process.

Store signed leases with tenant profiles

Never lose or misplace another lease. RentPost allows you to orgnaize all of your docs directly with tenants, that way everything is right where you expect it - for your whole team.

You can even share it with the tenant, so they have a copy in their online account.

Hear what our customers have to say

Founded in 2009, thousands of property managers have entrusted RentPost to simplify their lives.

I feel so much more in control now. I wish I had found rentpost sooner.
Landcome Rentals
I feel so much more in control now. I wish I had found rentpost sooner.
Lisa McWorther


Landcome Rentals
You guys rock!
Matthew Tortoriello


Yellow Brick Property
Wow am I glad I found you guys, love the way everything works!
Thomas Grady


South Hampton Properties
Thanks - you guys are amazingly responsive... that is worth it's weight in gold.
CJ Williams


RedDoor Property Group, LLC
The software is so user friendly and easy to use, I love it!
Kelly Garber


GJC Real Estate Group
I can manage pre-leases while new housing options are still in the development stage.
Chase Lawrence


CollegeTown Properties
RentPost combined the transparency my tenants and I need with a well-organized interface.
David Black


Onyx Property Management
After migrating to RentPost, the hours we spent collecting rent took a nosedive.
Jim Flannery


Four Athens

Easily setup separate leases and multiple tenants per unit

RentPost is designed to mirror the way you run your business. That includes having separate tenant accounts for each tenant within a unit. You can  setup units as individual room leasing, or everyone as roommates.